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Diabetes and Hair Loss

Diabetes and Hair Loss: Donít Lose Your hair Because of Diabetes

Quite often, significant hair loss can alert an individual to the possibility of the development of diabetes. If an individual is losing hair in larger than normal quantities, and the loss does not appear to be common pattern hair loss, evaluation by a medical professional would be warranted. The reason is this: diabetes is a disease that is hormonal related, and this imbalance can often be seen first in loss of hair. The links between hair loss and diabetes are as follows:

1. Diabetes causes poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can affect the ability of hair follicles to operate normally. Under normal conditions, hair grows for 2-6 years; then it goes into a period of dormancy, and eventually it dies and falls out as a new strand is produced in the follicle to push it out. When blood circulation is poor, the follicle is not producing a new strand as normal, the old strand dies and falls out, and there is no replacement hair. Further, strands tend to die and fall out more quickly when blood circulation to the head area is poor. Therefore, more hair falls out and is not replaced, creating much thinner hair.

2. Diabetics are more susceptible to skin conditions, and skin conditions on the scalp can cause hair loss. Both bacterial and fungal infections of the scalp can interrupt the normal growth process of hair.

3. The medication often prescribed and taken for diabetes can interrupt the normal cycle of hair growth. More often, this is reversed as the body adjusts to the medication, but anyone beginning medications should be aware of this.

4. Diabetes causes both physiological and psychological stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are direct factors in hair loss. Dehydration is a factor as well. When coupled with stress, it can be a killer for hair.

If you have hair loss related to diabetes, here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Wait to see if the condition will right itself once you have been on your medication for some time. This may take a few or more months.

2. Keep your body hydrated. Eight glasses (8 0z. each) should be consumed daily, no matter what other liquids you consume.

3. Exercise regularly. Exercise increases blood circulation, and your head will be a recipient of that increased circulation. Your follicles will love you for it.

4. Try Yoga or some other form of relaxation to relieve stress and anxiety.

Diabetes is a significant diagnosis and a life-changing illness. Follow your physicianís instructions carefully and continue to do those things that you know are good for your general health. Hair health is affected by all that you do and consume.


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