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Free Quit Smoking Adviser

I remember a friend told me that ďSmokers donít get old because they die young.Ē This is true if you think about it. Most smokers die in their middle age. Approximately 4 million people die every year around the world because of smoking.

When you decide to quit smoking, commit to it. There must be no doubt or any negative views about how hard it is to quit. You must focus yourself about the benefits of achievements.

Smokers who successfully conquered their craving show that they have the capability to quit. Anyone can give up smoking. It doesnít matter how long youíve been smoking but the fact that you stop is a great decision.

List the reasons for quitting; this is to have the strong will of doing the act. Planning is the stepping stone to success. And these plans must be certainly followed.

If you canít quit instantly you could do so by decreasing the tar amount in the cigarettes that you use. But donít smoke more than the usual number of cigarettes that you puff. An increase of the number of sticks means more nicotine for your body.

Lessen the number of sticks you smoke. Instead of the whole stick smoke half of it. Refrain from lighting your cigarette in 1 hour. Decide in advance on how many sticks you will smoke for the day. Remember to cut down not to increase your intake. A change of eating pattern would assist in cutting down. With each meal take something which would not lead to smoking a cigarette.

Replace the cigarette with fruits or juice, this will make you healthier and will detoxify your body. Cutting down is not a substitute for stopping. When you set a quantity of cigarette per day you should stick to it and later on probably lessen the target number.

Donít throw the butts in your ashtrays for it will leave an awful scent that will remind you of the dump you are setting in your system. Change the places on where you put your cigarette so you would crack the automatic reach. Make smoking difficult. Donít buy cigarettes on cartons; instead wait until you finish one before buying another pack. Donít bring cigarettes to work and home so getting one wouldnít be easy.


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