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Heart Attack and Hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped structure found at the lower part of the neck just below the mythical ďAdamís appleĒ and is responsible for the balancing of body processes. The thyroid gland like every other part of the body is not immune to diseases and infections. Hypothyroidism which is one of the diseases that can affect the thyroid gland is a process where the thyroid gland becomes under-active. When it becomes like this, the metabolic processes in the body becomes affected. There are various symptoms accompanying the onset of hypothyroidism. Most of these symptoms look like the normal everyday stress symptom. It includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol level in the blood, and higher risk of cardiac arrest.

Recently, a scientific study was carried out in Rotterdam on people who were above fifty five years old. Most of the women subjects were either in their menopausal stages or above menopause at the time of the research. Some of the data collected during the course of the experiments were age, weight, height, medical history, and smoking status. Other tests such as blood cholesterol, blood sugar level, blood pressure, and thyroxine level in the body system were also carried out. All of the subjects went through an EKG exam.

From all the experiments and study, it was evident that most of the subjects had some form of symptom that looked like it was hypothyroidism. Some of them however exhibited only mild symptoms while others exhibited severe signs of hypothyroidism. Symptoms like dry skin, dry hair, fatigue and lethargy, and the tendency to feel very cold. Those who did not exhibit these symptoms were those who had sufficient thyroxine running in their bodies.

Since thyroxine is important in the regulation of normal metabolic processes in people, the reduction of it will generally result in the dysfunction of the body system. The heart which is a vital organ in the body is also responsive to the effects o thyroxine on it. Therefore, when there isnít enough of the thyroid hormone in the bloodstream, it affects the normal function of the heart rendering it susceptible to increased cholesterol build up in the arteries which can in turn result in increased heart pressure and ultimately, a cardiac arrest or heart attack.


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