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Homemade Colon Cleanse Part 2

Homemade Colon Cleanse: How Homemade colon Cleansing Can Help You keep in Top Shape –Part 2

The second option that could be used as a homemade colon cleanse solution is not very conventional but it works! This method is called fasting. This method is very cheap in that it doesn’t involve having to buy stuff to cleanse the colon. All you need is your determination to carry it through. It takes time –some say twenty one days- to see results. You would actually feel your breath come as fresh as that of a baby; okay that’s going too far but you get the idea.

The idea behind using fasting as a way to have a very effective colon cleansing is that when you do not eat, your body is forced to digest whatever it finds in the colon in the bid for survival. It is also of importance that your colon be well rested during this period. It is for this reason that people who fast regularly find it hard to go back to eating because of the total sense of well being that emanates from the single act of fasting. But you need to realize that while this works for some people it definitely cannot work for those who have got stomach ulcers, people who are not disciplined, and more importantly, who likes the idea that his or her body is having to digest impure, toxic substances just for survival? Be sure to know that your body may be forced to do it, but what is the long term effect? If the body really feels it did not need this waste materials previously, why force it to digest what it feels is toxic and should be passed out as waste? So you can see now that except you are comfortable with the idea, it is not a very good option to take.

The third method you can use and has been tested and tried as a surefire ay to get your colon cleansed is by eating lot of fibers to enable regular bowel movements and passing out of the feces frequently. As result, it is possible to see that among many homemade colon cleanse prescriptions or recommendations is the inclusion of loads of fibers in your diet. This will enhance the movement of the bowels in a short period. One of such fiber rich foods is prune juice. It is advised that if you want to increase the frequency of the bowel movements, then it is a sure option and works too. It helps loosen up the stool and promotes easier passage of the stool hence preventing lots of straining and disallowing the impaction of feces on the colon wall.

However, if the feces was there before you started taking the prune juice, you might have a little problem. You will not be able to get rid of the feces that is already stuck to the walls of the colon. So you see that unless you really enjoy eating prune –as you’d have to eat a lot to notice any effect- it really takes time to work. If you’ve got that time, good. If not, then you can see you need a better alternative.


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