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How to Relieve and Treat Constipation with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sam was fifteen years when he had to be admitted into the hospital for what seemed like symptoms of appendicitis. After some careful tests, he was diagnosed to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This is the same with quite a few people who are sufferers of IBS. Unfortunately, some individuals are not as lucky as they have a combination of constipation with irritable bowel syndrome. As the saying goes, you’ve got two devils to deal with. The question is “which comes first?”.

People –there are many- who suffer from constipation with irritable bowel syndrome find it very discomforting. One of them alone is bad enough; not to mention when you’ve got the two of them together. Sometimes, this condition is referred to as IBS-C. It is one of the three constipation types available.

However, a specific, fail-proof treatment for constipation with irritable bowel syndrome has not been found even as we speak. There could be varied combinations but more often than not, they seem to contradict each other. For instance, the bran that would normally work well for constipation is very antagonistic to irritable bowel symptom as it actually irritates the stomach walls.

While it can be said that there are varied treatments for constipation with irritable bowel syndrome, research is still being conducted into what drug would be able to specifically and wholly treat every case of constipation with irritable bowel syndrome. In the meantime, each sufferer might just have to learn what treatment combinations would be right for him. The basic forms of treatment for constipation might not be able to relieve that of IBS. For instance, gluten which is a very effective compound useful in the treatment of constipation alone would not do well for patients suffering from constipation with irritable bowel syndrome. That’s why you would have to find what works for you. You could try eating gluten-free diets and see if it produces any form of relief.

In the meantime, there is an effective solution that is recommended for constipation with irritable bowel syndrome. It is called Bowtrol. It is a complete colon cleanser. It also relieves all symptoms of constipation such as abdominal pains and cramps, constipation and bloating. Thankfully, it is not designed to be taken for life. All it takes is just one month of use depending on your prescription. Anyways, you could try it out if you’ve been suffering from constipation with irritable bowel syndrome and see how it goes. It’s been proven time and again that it works and can eliminate constipation with irritable bowel syndrome.


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