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Is it Possible to Overcome or Prevent Hypothyroidism? Part 2

As far as I know, sickness is not a welcome visitor and is something that is totally abhorred by many people. Sicknesses in whatever form reduce the quality of an individual’s life and makes it painful. The best gift a individual can have from God is to be in good health. In the first part of this two part series, hypothyroidism was briefly introduced. In this concluding part, we’ll be examining other aspects of it.

Hypothyroidism is caused by many things. In this article, only three of them will be looked into.

1. The drugs people take have been known to contribute to incidents of hypothyroidism. For instance, drugs used in treating extreme depression and mood swings have been known to reduce the amount of thyroxine produced by the thyroid gland. One of these drugs going by the name of lithium is responsible for such. So, the very first cause is antidepressants which are capable of restricting the production of thyroxine.

2. The foods that people eat. I guess this is very surprising to you. The day I found it out too, I was totally shocked. You mean what I am eating can be giving me hypothyroidism?! People who suffer from hypothyroidism have been known to have a slower metabolic process in their bodies. As a result, what they eat do net get broken down very fast leading to weight gain.

3. Weight loss diets. If you are willing to lose weight, it is a good thing. But when you have to go the extreme, then you can be sure kit will adversely affect your health. Foods such as raw broccoli have been known to grossly affect the thyroid gland’s ability to produce the thyroxine hormone. Also on this list are radishes, raw turnips, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. All these are not very good for the thyroid gland. So, do no consume them in excess. A little bit here and there is alright though.

This list like I stated in the beginning is just a part of the total list of the varied causes of hypothyroidism. If you are willing to get a complete list, you can read some of the other articles on this website or do a search on any search engine you use. You should be able to find more than enough to suit your taste.

With this article, I am sure that you can say for a fact it is possible to prevent hypothyroidism. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and you are good to go. Remember: You cannot substitute anything for your health. It is the most important aspect of your life. So, guard it jealously.


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