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Medical Causes of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is caused by varied causes. It could stem from a singular cause or a mixture of various causes such as complications arising from thyroid gland diseases, afflicted brain activities, exposure to medical treatments, and autoimmune disorders. It is common knowledge that hypothyroidism can arise from a chronic thyroid disease known as Hashiloto’s thyroiditis. This ailment is characterized by thyroid glands that are inflamed or enlarged. This inflammation can be responsible for the brutal damaging of the thyroid cells if it is not attended to early enough and on time. The reason the thyroid cells are damaged is because of the body’s antibodies attacking the thyroid cells and tissues in the body instead of functioning as a protector. Certain diseases that are autoimmune may even be responsible for hypothyroidism. Examples of such autoimmune diseases are diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Addison’s disease, vitiligo, and anemia.

Exposure to various forms of medical treatments can leave an individual lacking adequate thyroxine in the body. Treatments such as lithium, radioactive iodine and surgery can be responsible as certain research have proven. For instance, someone who takes doses of lithium as a form of treatment for manic depressive disorder –a form of psychiatric disease- is likely to develop hypothyroidism over time as a result of th thyroid’s gland inability to produce the hormone. The production of this hormone in itself is actually hindered by the presence of the lithium in the body.

Also, an individual suffering from both goiter and hyperthyroidism can be treated using radioactive iodine therapy. This form of treatment is very likely to produce symptoms of hypothyroidism and if not stopped on time, will actually result in hypothyroidism. The radioactive iodine is useful in the hindering of the production of excessive thyroxine. This is achieved by its getting rid of or preventing the secretion of excess thyroid hormones. The use of radioactive iodine is not a bad idea in itself as it effectively eliminates the production of too much thyroid hormones. The thing with it is in its excessive application. Because it functions by eliminating the thyroid hormone-producing cells which get rid of hyperthyroidism, it has a tendency to also eliminate the normal ones that will allow the production of the normal hormone quantity.

Surgery can also be responsible for hypothyroidism. Although in this case, most patients have to choose between the lesser of two evils: either death or the total or partial removal of the thyroid gland. For instance, a patient whose thyroid gland cannot be saved or who has cancer of the throat has to choose between leaving the thyroid like that, and getting rid of it. Therefore allowing the individual’s thyroxine producing capacity dwindle.


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