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Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Natural remedy for hemorrhoids often cures even extreme hemorrhoids. Natural remedy for hemorrhoids provides gradual relief from intense hemorrhoid pain. If it works it may stop bleeding and itching from hemorrhoid. Natural remedy for hemorrhoids provides cost effective ways for treating the same. There is no more the need for dietary supplements for the rest of your life as they often uproot the cause of the problem, which here is usually constipation.

Types of natural remedy for hemorrhoids:

There are various types natural remedies for hemorrhoids. They are mainly herbal, food therapy, water therapy and reflexology.

1. Apply ice packs on the affected areas. (Water therapy)

2. Sitz bath, which is a small tub and is specially designed to allow the soaking of hemorrhoids without taking a bath. In this process the rectal area is soaked in hot water for 15-20 minutes about 3-4 times a day. Not only does this helps relieve symptoms but also aids shrinkage of the hemorrhoids. (Water therapy)

4. Buy a doughnut shaped cushion. They are available in pharmacies and medical supply stores and can be useful to hemorrhoid sufferers. Try and sit on it as instructed. (reflexology)

5. Try and practice healthy bowel habits. Avoid straining your self while passing stool. Don't hold your breathe will on the bowel. Get off the toilet as you are finished. (reflexology related)

6. Drink lots of water as it smoothens your stool passage. (Food therapy)

7. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and fibrous food items. (Food therapy)

8. Aromatherapy is also used to treat hemorrhoids. Here drops of lavender and juniper essential oils are added to warm water and then you soak in it for some time. One drop of lavender and geranium essential oils blended with one ounce of carrier oil applied to the bowel region work as an ointment.

9. Herb extracts like Japanese Pagoda Tree, Horse chestnut and Butcher's broom have been clinically proven to successfully eliminate the hemorrhoids symptoms with a great success rate.

Why natural remedy for hemorrhoids don't work always

1. The process is time consuming and may not give immediate effect.

2. The healing process is delayed and there are chances of the hemorrhoid getting worse.

3. There is no 100% guarantee of the hemorrhoid getting cured.


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