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Bowtrol Probiotic

Precision Crafted Probiotic

Bowtrol’s expertly improved formula contains 10 billion colony-forming units of good bacteria to help balance your gut, improving your immune system and eliminating those unhealthy cravings. It has fourteen unique and specific strains of good bacteria, so it comprehensively defends your body against thousands of different diseases.

Our new formula has been tested for maximum effectiveness – not just against our previous formula, but against every other probiotic on the market. Rest assured you’re getting the one probiotic that beat out all its competitors. No other product can claim that.

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Proven Benefits:

  • New and Improved Formula
  • Maximum Recommended Dose
  • Units Stay Fresh and Living for Up to 1 Year
  • Increase Metabolism, Immune System, Digestive System, Mood, Energy, and Vitality


* Results are not typical. Results may vary.

Product Description

Bowtrol’s Probiotics contain 10 billion colony-forming units contained in 14 different, unique strains. Both quantities have been found through extensive research, testing, and analysis to be the optimal recommended numbers.

According to Harvard Medical School, the recommended dosage of probiotics is 1-10 billion units of bacteria. There is no data to show any more than that will have any positive effect on your body.

Probiotics with over 10 billion units are just using numbers to boost their prices.

At, we don’t want to sell those products. We want to sell the products that will really work for the consumer. Bowtrol’s Probiotic Supplement, not only has the data and the precise dosage to back it up, but it also has outstanding customer reviews touting incredible results. These are people like you, experiencing the real life benefits of Bowtrol.

Just take 1 capsule per day, and in less than 10 days you could start feeling exciting and incredible results.


Q: What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are used to fight against the bad bacteria inside your gut that builds up over time. Left untreated, this bad bacteria can spread throughout your body and lead to other conditions like bad breath, fatigue, moodiness, irritability, skin rashes and conditions, and trouble concentrating.

Probiotics are used to protect and prevent against all of these troublesome symptoms.

Q: Will it actually work for me?

Bowtrol designed their probiotic with incredible precision and care. They wanted to make sure it would work for everyone. They’re also so confident it works, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about losing any money. Try yours today, and Bowtrol guarantees its success.

Q: When can I start seeing results?

Some people report seeing results in as little as a week. The average time seems to be about 10-14 days. You’ll be able to feel more refreshed and energetic. You can wake up ready to tackle the day even without having your morning coffee.

In just 2 weeks your body can already feel the effects of a balanced gut. But it doesn’t end there, you have to keep your gut balanced, otherwise those cravings can come back! Stick with it, one day at a time!

Q: Why Do I need to take Probiotic?

At times, we do not have opportunity to maintain organic diet. Majority of the foods we eat have preservatives and sugar. When we out such things into our body, yeast can begin to grow, as it feeds on sugar, resulting into good bacteria to disappear and bad bacteria and yeast to over grow in your gut. Stress can definitely add to digestive issues like bloating, gas, IBS, diarrhea or constipation. Taking certain medications, like antibiotics, work to get rid of bacteria, but they also get rid of the good bacteria, leaving your immune system weakened.

Taking Probiotics on a daily basis helps you maintain amounts of good bacteria in your body, which is extremely importasnt to our immune health and overall health.

Q: Why is Bowtrol different from other products?

Bowtrol contains the largest concentration of CFUs , and are made from the same strands proven for effectiveness in 90% of all clinical studies done with probiotics. As good bacteria is fragile and sometimes dies during the production process, every batch of our probiotics is tested for potency by 3rd party laboratory, ensuring their effectiveness so you reap the maximum benefits. Bowtrol Probiotics also contains the potent strain DDS-1, as well as Bifidobacterium, 2 recently-discovered super-strains that are up to 10 times as powerful as many other probiotics combined. With Bowtrol, you will feel the difference in your digestive function and overall health in 2 weeks.

Q: Can I get Probiotics from food?

Partly, you can. But the amount of probiotics in Yogurt is 10 times less then in one capsule of Bowtrol, plus it comes with sugar. Simply – foods will not provide you with enough of good bacteria to feel the difference.

Q: Is Bowtrol Safe?

Absolutely, it has been shown ti be completely safe, as it is manufactured only with the top quality Probiotics available.

Q: How do I take Bowtrol?

We recommed you to take one capsule per day, preferably on an empty stomach to achieve the best results.

Q: Should I be concerned about allergic reactions?

Bowtrol doesn't contain any stimulants of any kind and absolutely no allergens. They Are Gluten and lactose free and come in vegeterian capsules to be safe despite of any dietary restictions you might have based on your health conditions.

Q: Does Bowtrol have any side effects?

Bowtrol made from the strains of bacteria that occur naturally in you body, so it cannot possibly have any negatvie side effects and can only improve digestion and overall health.



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